Gettysburg Rec Park Bicycle Pump Track

Open Dawn to Dusk

For bicycle use only. No motorized or dirt bikes allowed. 


  • The Gettysburg Rec Park Bicycle Pump Track  is a safe and drug-free facility. Therefore there is no alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs permitted.

  • The Gettysburg Rec Park Bicycle Pump Track is a safe haven where all users

are treated respectfully. There will be NO profane language, fighting, pushing, physical or verbal abuse, or bullying tolerated.


  • The Gettysburg Rec Park Bicycle Pump Track believes in the safe practice of all sports. Helmets are required for all users. Protective gear; knee and or shin and elbow pads are required for all users. 


  • For their safety, users under 10 years old must be supervised by a person authorized by the parent or legal guardian, who is at least 16 years old. The supervisor must be actively supervising at all times.


  • Spectators are encouraged to enjoy watching the practice of alternative sports but for everyone's safety they are to remain at a safe distance from the pump track. 

  • For the safety of everyone, no food or beverages are allowed on the track.

  • The Gettysburg Rec Park Bicycle Pump Track will do its best to provide a safe and clean facility, however, each user is responsible for his or her own actions and safety. 

  • All users bike AT THEIR OWN RISK.

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8 AM - 4 PM




Park Hours


Sunrise to Sunset

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